Avi­a­tion Logistics

Your one-stop bespoke solu­tion for ship­ping heli­copters and fixed wing aircrafts.

We get helicopters/fixed wing air­crafts to where they need to be:

  • Air Freight

  • Ocean Freight

  • Road Freight

  • Air-sus­pen­sion truck (to and from port and airports)

  • Expe­dit­ed spare parts and components

Hands on Ser­vice from col­lec­tion to delivery

  • Over 30 years experience
  • Glob­al Agency Network

  • Spe­cialised project to your needs

Out basic door to door ser­vice includes

  • Care­ful plan­ning and dam­age prevention
  • Per­son­al super­vi­sion of load­ing and offloading
  • Import and cus­toms clear­ing of heli­copters com­ing in via sea freight and air­freight (glob­al scale)
  • Arrang­ing of import per­mits with ITAC
  • Com­plet­ing of all cus­toms for­mal­i­ties, inclu­sive of cus­toms inspec­tions (should it be required)
  • Over­see­ing deliv­ery – If the heli­copter is shipped on a skid, spe­cial trans­port and equip­ment is arranged (cranes). We are on site to over­see the offload­ing of the heli­copter from the ves­sel, or out of the air­craft at the port of dis­charge, and again at place of delivery
  • Load­ing, lash­ing and cran­age, uti­liz­ing pro­fes­sion­al rig­ging and staff to ensure heli­copters are trans­port­ed on air-sus­pen­sion trucks, to the respec­tive ports of export
  • Com­pre­hen­sive surveyor’s reports (with pho­tos) from point of load­ing until shipped on board of respec­tive vessels
  • We facil­i­tate the tech­ni­cal sup­port includ­ing assem­bling and prepar­ing of heli­copters for shipping
  • Spe­cial­ist steve­dor­ing ser­vices for the lash­ing and secur­ing of heli­copters in con­tain­ers and flat racks
  • Glob­al shipment
  • Stor­age if required

Your Con­tact

Richard For­tune

Exec­u­tive Mar­ket­ing Man­ag­er / St Hele­na Ship­ping Service

Phone: +27 21 4405400
Mobile: +27 83 4555006

Gavin Paulsen

Gen­er­al and Import Manager 

Phone: +27 21 4405400
Mobile: +27 83 412 5556

Sha­heen Van der Schyff

Air­freight Controller

Phone: +27 21 4405400
Mobile: +27 83 4555011

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